Tom MacLear


              Composer, Author, Screenwriter, Producer, Poet, Entertainer

Born in Bozeman, Montana in 1955: Tom MacLear has lived a colorful life on both sides of the Atlantic, with years in England, Scotland, Ireland and Sweden.  He has spent most of his life in America now, sharing his talents through Poetry, Popular Music, Musical Comedy, Light Opera and Filmmaking both in America and abroad.

Tom MacLear retired from active recording and touring in 2018 following his triumphant return to the national spotlight when he appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Kimmel shouts: "You sing like an angel..." as Tom's slide guitar playing was on fire as always.

Two years later, MacLear enjoys the magic of having a feature film musical in its development stages in Hollywood, with numerous 'A' list actors and directors endorsing its production as negotiations with various film production companies ensue at this very moment.

MacLear's latest release of: 'The Gods and Ghosts of Bleecker Street' (Spoken Word Edition) is a sample of vignettes from the musical-score of his feature film.  MacLear wanted to share this with his fanbase and hopes the film will be completed for their enjoyment by the end of 2021.  This is MacLear's first Spoken Word CD release of his career.  The selections are excepts from his critically acclaimed book entitled: INSIDE A STRING, released in 2014 via Water Forest Press Publishing.  

With this poetic release, we now see the other side of Tom MacLear's talents as he makes his transition back to Musical Theater via the medium of Filmmaking, both of which he honed through his early years as a child actor and singer on stage and from his days spent between tours and recording: on film sets accumulating 54,000hrs logged in within IATSE union and non-union books performing in such capacities as: composer, music recording, music editing, sound, producing, directing, scenic art, set decoration and art direction.

Other most recent contributions are: lending songs to Forrest Whitaker's feature film project: 'Songs My Brother Taught Me,' and painting modern art portraits for the filming sets of Showtimes' cult classic: 'Californication'... the 'Laurel Canyon Blues' episodes.

Before his retirement:  Over 40 years, MacLear was an intimate player of back room corporate deals of Ghosts Writing for some of the biggest names in the industry.

"...Material is not a problem here. Tom has performed and wrote songs for some of the best!  He's the man behind the curtain, one of music's best kept secrets, glad I found him..."

                                                               The late great Publisher, TV Host, Promoter: Don Kirshner (2009)

Since 2010, Tom MacLear's career dramatically changed from ghost writer to spotlight-front-man: when his sojourn of Nashville recordings gave him 5 CD's in 5 years and found him 5 Radio Chart Topping Singles on Country and Hot A/C stations across the U.S.  With a steady flow of hit radio releases since 2010, he has topped dozens of charts and radio playlists in Country, Hot A/C and Alternative genres alike__ making him a bright new commodity in the world of stale cookie-cutter music packages as of late.

After 8 years of witnessing, what MacLear calls '...the slow death of Country Music..." it was time to move on
to other exciting venues for his art. 

2020 /  MEG Records / A MacLear Entertianment Group Subsidiary / ASCAP